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Penfield Family Dentist

Where Can I Find A Unique Penfield Family Dentist?

At the office of Gregory Merkley DDS, your Penfield family dentist, we deliver compassionate, individualized dental care to serve the needs of your entire family. We treat pediatric patients as well as adults of all ages, and offer services ranging from preventive care to cosmetic and restorative treatments. By keeping pace with the latest innovations in the field of modern dentistry, we provide our patients with the highest quality dental care.

Penfield Family Dentist

As your Penfield family dentist, we are committed to keeping your teeth and gums healthy throughout your life. We recommend biannual dental checkups, for routine teeth cleanings and clinical examinations, to help manage the detrimental effects of plaque. For pediatric patients, we offer dental sealants and fluoride treatments, which are proven to reduce the risk of cavities in children. We strive to detect oral health conditions in their earliest stages, when they are typically the easiest to treat. For patients who suffer from dental anxiety and dental phobia, we offer sedation options to help you feel deeply relaxed while receiving the dental care you need. We use state-of-the-art approaches to deliver more precise and gentle methods of treatment, and to make dental care customized to suit your individual needs. We offer laser dentistry to cure dental restorations, perform periodontal treatments and biopsies and remove lesions with maximum accuracy and minimum discomfort. We are also leading providers of Invisalign, a revolutionary approach to orthodontic treatment, allowing you straighten your teeth with a series of comfortable, removable and virtually invisible aligners. Our practice also offers minimally invasive cosmetic options, such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, to enhance the appearance of your smile. We can replace missing teeth and help you to reestablish a complete smile with dental implants, fixed bridges and comfortable, natural looking dentures.

When you have a trusted, local Penfield family dentist you can depend on, it makes dental care a pleasant, stress-free experience. At the office of Gregory Merkley DDS, our expert dentist and friendly staff will help you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your visit. To learn more, call today.


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